Put Your Money on the Line

Play your favorite casino & poker games in Missoula, MT

Feeling a hot streak coming on? Put your poker face to the test at Claim Jumper Casino Lounge and Restaurant in Missoula, MT. From card sharks to total newcomers, everyone can enjoy the casino games. Win or lose, there's always a drink at the bar to make it right.

Our staff and bartenders are fully trained on the CDC and Missoula County COVID-19 guidelines. The only risk you'll be taking is on your next hand.

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Play your cards right

Most know when to hold 'em, but do you know when to fold 'em? A poker game is an exciting blend of both luck and strategy. At Claim Jumper Casino Lounge and Restaurant, we own several poker machines with large payouts ready for the taking. With a little strategy and luck, you may just end the night with a fatter wallet.

Your next hand could be the one that puts you out on top. Grab a seat and stay for a poker game at Claim Jumper Casino Lounge and Restaurant tonight.